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I’m Kristi, I’m 30 years old, and I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I consider myself bicoastal, in that I have lived on both the east and west coasts, think it’s possible to love them both, and don’t like it when people ask me to choose. I’ve lived in 4 of Canada’s fair provinces, and have lived in Halifax for almost a year. I’m divorced, and currently in a domestic partnership with an almost-20-year-old female cat named Sebastian. I’m an aspiring photographer. I say “aspiring” in that I am an actual photographer who aspires to photograph EVERYTHING (some of my photos can be found at I have a day job that keeps me in a cubicle, but I am happiest surrounded by beautiful scenery, fun people, and my camera. I am a lover of animals, and think that humans are mostly okay, too.
I’m a huge advocate for mental health awareness and believe we should be honest about feelings if we’re going to remove the stigma from depression and other mental illnesses. I frequently write about my own experiences here on my blog and have no problem talking about the hard topics.
I like to keep up with world events, and then make jokes about them, mostly to keep myself from realizing how truly tragic the news so often is. A lot of my jokes are also inspired by the children in my life, whom I consider tiny stand-up comedians.
My life’s goals are to one day write a book (if I can focus long enough), see the Eiffel Tower (not the one in Las Vegas), and find a barista at Starbucks who can spell my name correctly. My claims to fame are that I’ve had a photo featured in a national magazine, once sang the national anthem at a small town hockey game, and have had two of my tweets mentioned on CNN. Oh, and kids think I’m pretty cool.
My mother always told me I argued so much that I should be a lawyer, but a Twitter account is cheaper than law school, so I got one of those instead. I can be found at @KristiColleen.

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